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Tube Matching Information

Our Platinum Matching process consists of a 24 hour tube burn-in period followed by a bias (plate) current measurement in milliamps. The tubes are tested for gain, stability and microphonics .

If you order two matched tubes you will automatically receive a pair. If you order four matched tubes you will automatically receive a matched quad. Here is the matrix how we will prepare your order if nothing different is requested when you order:

Amount ordered Shipped breakup
1 1 Single tested tube
2 1 Pair
4 1 Quad
6 1 Quad, 1 Pair
8 2 Quads
10 2 Quads, 1 Pair
12 3 Quads
14 3 Quads, 1 Pair

If you want a different breakup (like one sextet, octet, etc...) just include a note into the customer comments section when ordering and we will fill your request. We can match any number of tubes. Please inquire if you have any special needs or leave a message in the "Customer notes" box when placing an order.

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